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界佛邮馆能够得以成立,感谢来自一份殊胜的因缘,那就是将一生所收藏约四十年的佛教邮票,捐献出来的佛邮达人梁国兴先生。在接触和整理一张张的佛邮当中,我们发现邮票中除了有精美和丰富的历史事迹,还有一些佛教轶事和艺术的呈现;我们开始对这些难得的邮票,以主题为架构分类整理,并将之陆续在世界佛邮馆粉墨登场展出。有了这些篇篇精彩的佛邮主题,各主题内中皆含有故事性,教育性和纪念性的资讯;我们觉得这份难得的文物,应该编辑成一份软性读物,让更广大的群众在空余和休闲时,也能够轻松分享到。我们推出《把佛邮馆带回家》系列丛书, 目的就是与各领域的读者结缘,因为它老少咸宜;丛书以中英双,让它可以遍及世界,广结善缘。

Bring Stamps Gallery Home Book Series

In an opportune time, the World Buddhist Stamps Gallery was incubated through a gift of stamps from Mr Leong Kok Hing, an avid Buddhist stamps collector of passion which spans more than 4 decades. Having explored and indulged in each and every stamp in his collections, multicolour series devoted to history, legend and genre, we began to organise a series of chronicles based on the theme of these stamps, which is now displayed at the World Buddhist Stamps Gallery.


With these interesting themes revealing a story-like educational and commemorable information, we saw a need to reach a wider readership through an armchair book of this rare piece of history. We were inspired to launch a “Bringing Stamps Gallery Home” Series, to cater to a broad echelon of societies around the world, both elderlies and young alike. It shall be bilingual, Mandarin and English, and we hope to promote it extensively and globally.





1. 50 Buddhist Sites To Visit At Least Once In A Lifetime


This leisure reading guide book, first in the series, will showcase 50 Buddhist Holy Sites To Visit At Least Once In A Lifetime! With the elements of travel, this reference guide for Buddhist Pilgrimage is a “Must Have, Must Read”. We realise that the footprint of Buddhism is all over the world; philosophically, psychologically or simply logical and reasonably acknowledged. The founder of Buddhism, Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born in 623 B.C., 26 centuries ago to a Sakyan King, and his footprints of wisdom are carved out in every aspect of mankind.


With an intent to go on a pilgrimage, let us savour together the Buddhist holy ancient sites, feel the glory of His presence through each and every piece of stamp. In appreciation, we honour and acknowledge our forefathers; pay homage to their sincerity to retain its essence till this day in its purity. Here, we immerse ourselves in silence and tranquillity within that small inch of philatelic stamp –A Collection At Heart.


是一份颇具启发性的洞察, 通过张张来自世界各地的邮票,带着我们走入悉达多乔达摩佛陀的生平,窥探佛陀在过去作为菩萨实践波罗密,布教和弘法,以及僧团的建立。经过了26个世纪,邮票不曾间断的记述和展示着有关三宝的一切,这份珍贵的佛教遗产,是值得我们继续传承的。最终,通过这些来自不同国家的宝贵邮票,我们走进了佛教艺术和文化的殿堂。

2. Buddha Teacher of God & Men


An INSPIRATIONAL INSIGHT into the Life of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha with glimpses of his past life as a Bodhisatta (his cultivation of Paramis or Perfections), his teachings and practices (the Dhamma), his establishment of the community of bhikkhus (the Sangha) – all through postage stamps from around the world.

Over 26 centuries, the Triple Gems or Tiratana have been persistently reviewed and showcased through stamps, a Buddhist heritage we should treasure to prolong the Sasana. Eventually we see the world of buddhist art and culture through these invaluable stamps from various nations. 

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