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1. 设立《世界佛邮馆》缘起



《世界佛邮馆》因为梁国兴居士捐献其多年的佛邮收藏,促成马佛基金会在维护佛教文物的志愿得以实践。2018年6月2日,在马佛基金会的总部,举行一项佛邮捐献的仪式,仪式上梁居士正式移交其收藏多年的佛邮,全数捐献给马佛基金会。我们感恩梁居士的捐献,不止是他的佛邮收藏,他也捐献他对佛邮的专业知识,辅导我们办《世界佛邮馆》。因此, 本馆以无限荣幸之心,礼聘梁国兴居士为本馆的顾问。



2. 佛邮捐献人 - 梁国兴

梁国兴居士是一名积极的佛教工作者。从1969年大学时期开始学佛,就开始积极投身於服务佛教有关的工作。 打从校园层面,到社区,州际到国际,梁居士就这样一路服务佛教一直到今天,有四十余年。





About WBSG 

1. Set up of “World Buddhist Stamps Gallery”

The YBBM has the intention to set up a gallery in related to the Buddhist culture because it is important to carry out such project to preserve and prolong the Buddhist culture.


The realization of the WBSG is only made possible because of the donation made by Mr. Leong Kok Hing, who donated his entire collection of Buddhist stamps to YBBM on 2nd June of 2018 whereby the ceremony was held in the YBBM Headquarters.


We are grateful for the contribution of Mr. Leong, not only for his Buddhist stamps collection, but also his professional knowledge in this field where he had guided us throughout the entire process in setting up the gallery. YBBM is honoured to have Mr. Leong Kok Hing as the WBSG Advisor.


The WBSG is located on the ground floor of the YBBM Headquarter in Penang. The preparation and the renovation work began in July.  We are grateful to the many donors who have supported this project, generously donated money and equipment for building the gallery. The renovation of the gallery is progressing smoothly. It is expected that the WBSG will be officially opened to the public in early 2019.  The WBSG has currently planned  free  admission for viewing the stamps. However,  the future monthly operating expenses  need to be funded by  public donation.Thus, the  YBBM welcome public support in term of donations to help the gallery to continue to service the community.

2. Mr. Leong Kok Hing, The Stamps Donor

Leong passionately serves the Buddhist fraternity since 1969. His sphere of service grew from campus to community and gradually widened domestically to regional and international levels.


Leong is a philatelist who spent 40 years specializing in collecting stamps with Buddhist themes and motifs. He exhibited his collections at large-scale Buddhist cultural exhibitions with the theme "Buddhist Journey" domestically and aboard.


In September 2018, his maiden book on "Buddhist Heritage - A Journey through Stamps" was successfully launched in Penang – a remarkable contribution to the development of Malaysian Buddhism.

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