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Buddhist Heritage - A Journey Through Stamps






每一张述说着与佛教有关的邮票 - 佛邮;也各有其独特的典故。作者以其对佛教多年的认识和投入参与,以资料性和故事性的载体,精简的连文与邮票,呈现给广大读者,这是本书的特点。





This book features the author’s collection Buddhist stamps which he has painstakingly built for nearly 40 years. With his past involvements and experiences in Buddhist works along with his research carried out through out the years, Leong has presented us with a series of interesting stories and events told by the Buddhist stamps that he collected.


There is a story behind every stamp. Each stamp is related to Buddhism – Buddhist Stamps as we call it; also have their unique personal story to tell. Leong highlighted and illustrated each stamp with stories and key information related to it. This is the uniqueness of this book.

The stamps in this book focus on the collection of World Buddhist heritage sites and holy places. Readers will be able to see that the influence of Buddhism on this world is strong and still very much alive today.


As individual readers, you will find it is a good source regarding the state of Buddhism around the world; and the book serves as comprehensive reference to the development of Buddhism as whole.

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