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婆罗浮屠浮雕的船舶探险 The Borobudur Ship Expedition.

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

印度尼西亚 Indonesia : 2003

婆罗浮屠船 - 一艘25米长的木船,仿照爪哇中部8世纪婆罗浮屠寺发现的墙壁浮雕的船,于2003年8月15日从雅加达的Ancol码头起航,捕捉东南亚风帆,行驶4000英里到达东非约250英里的马达加斯加岛。该船由澳大利亚人 Nick Burningham 设计(一位印度尼西亚传统船只专家)。由印度尼西亚工匠在巴厘岛北部的Pagerungan Kecil岛上建造。

The Borobudur Ship — a 25 meter-long wooden ship modelled after wall reliefs found on the 8th century Borobudur temple in Central Java - set sail on August 15, 2003 from Ancol pier in Jakarta, catching the Southeast Asian trade winds for a 4,000 mile sail to Madagascar, an island situated about 250 miles off East Africa. The ship was designed by Australian Nick Burningham - an expert on Indonesian traditional vessels - and built by Indonesian craftsmen on the island of Pagerungan Kecil, north of Bali.

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