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世界上最大张的邮票有多大 How big is the world largest stamp?

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

蒙古 Mongolia: 2004

这张世界最大张的邮票,邮票面积是132mm X182mm (A5),它的发行是来自纪念一项世界性的共同创作项目:21世纪曼陀罗。

21世纪曼陀罗项目于1994年启动,旨在为下个世纪的世界和平祈祷。世界上最大的(70米x 50米)拼布被子曼陀罗于2002年在来自16个国家的一万多人手中完成。来自柬埔寨、法国、日本、韩国、蒙古、尼泊尔、西藏、美国等国家的志愿者加入了这个项目,从而扩大了祈祷圈。这个曼陀罗的设计分为81个部分,分布在世界各地。81个部分中的每个部分由关键人物开始了这项工作,其他部分则帮助拼接。在2002年4月佛诞生月,所有81个部分都完成并使用拉链连接成一个巨大的曼陀罗。

The size of the world largest stamp measuring 132mm  X 182mm (A5). The stamp is to commemorate a project named "Mandala 21st century" which was launched in 1994 to pray for world peace for the coming century. The largest (70m x 50m) patchwork quilt mandala in the world was completed in 2002 by the hands of more than ten thousand people from 16 countries. Volunteers from countries such as: Cambodia, France, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet, USA and others joined this project, thus expanding the circle of prayer. This mandala was designed, divided into 81 parts, and distributed around the world. The key person of each of the 81 parts initiated the work and the others helped with the stitching. In April 2002, the month of the Buddha's birth, all 81 parts were completed and attached using zippers to make one huge piece.

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