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《高丽大藏经》有81,258块的木刻版,保留千年完整无损 Tripitaka Koreana carved on 81,258 woodblocks over 1000 year.

韩国 Korea: 2011

《高丽大藏经》初雕本,从公元1011年到1087年雕刻完成的,在蒙古入侵时烧毁。公元1236年,高丽王再发大愿重新雕刻大藏经。大藏经次雕,于公元1251完成。 《高丽大藏经》共有81,258块的木刻版,经文共52,382,960汉字,是目前世界现存的最古老和最完整的佛教经典。

The First-edition of the Tripitaka Koreana began work in 1011, completed in 1087. It was destroyed by fire in 1232 when Mongols invaded Korea. The Second-edition was created in 1236 to 1251. Haeinsa‘s magnificent Tripitaka consists of 52,382,960 classical Chinese characters carved on 81,258 double-sided woodblocks. It is said to be the oldest and most complete copy of the Buddhist scriptures in the world.

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