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马来西亚出土的佛教文物 Malaysia Unearthed Buddhist Artifacts.

马来西亚 Malaysia : 2011

2009年2月14日,马来西亚国家博物馆的10件文物被列入国家遗产登记册。其中的2件文物与佛教有关:(一)粘土坐佛雕像,在南吉打的Pengkalan Bujang被发现。专家鉴定为11世纪到12世纪的作品;(二)八臂青铜观音雕像,于1936年在霹雳州美罗的Anglo Oriental锡矿中发现。估计这座雕像是7-12世纪,印度佛教文明时代的作品。这尊雕像的重量为140磅,高度为93厘米.

On 14 February 2009, 10 artifacts owned by Muzium Negara Malaysia were listed in the National Heritage Register. Among these 10 artifacts, there were 2 related to Buddhism: (1) The clay statue of Sitting Buddha found in Pengkalan Bujang, Southern Kedah. It is believed to have been from the 11th to 12th AD. (2) The Avalokitesvara statue was found in a tin mine belonging to Anglo Oriental, Bidor, Perak in 1936. It was made of bronze and had eight hands but one of it was broken. The statue is estimated to exist between the 7th and 12th centuries in the days of Hindu-Buddhist civilization. The weight of this statue is 140 pounds and height 93 cm.

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